Home Visits

Our Home Visiting service is reserved for our patients that are terminally ill or completely housebound.

Home Visits take a longer time due to the travelling and therefore limit the number of patients our GPs can see. We can see several people at the surgery in the time it takes to see one patient at home. We therefore ask patients to come to the surgery if you can. In general, home visits are not as satisfactory as visits to the surgery as the doctors do not have your full medical records available.

If transport is an issue, please ask a friend, neighbour or relative if they can bring you to the surgery.

Home visits are intended for those who are too ill to come to the surgery; not for those for whom it is inconvenient or who do not wish to use transport.

If you are too unwell to come to the surgery, please telephone the surgery before 10am to request a visit. This will allow the doctors to visit between their surgeries.