Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Attend A&E?

A large number of patients who attend A&E do so inappropriately. There is also a misunderstanding that one is seen by a more experienced doctor, and this is rarely the case.

Unless it is an emergency or a significant injury it is more appropriate to seek advice from your GP.

If a patient calls the surgery in the evening or at a weekend they will be directed to NEMS. This is a GP service that can offer advice or arrange a consultation. Other alternatives would be to access the Walk In Centres in Nottingham, NHS direct or the 111 service.

What is NWCCG?

NWCCG is Nottingham West Clinical Commissioning Group, a group of 12 practices which includes Bramcote Surgery. We work together to try to optimise and improve the healthcare we deliver. NWCCG will become increasingly important in the delivery of healthcare as it takes over the commissioning responsibilities currently held by Nottinghamshire County PCT.

More Information on NWCCG

How Does the Practice Deal With patients who miss their Appointments?

We display a notice in the waiting area informing patients how many appointments have been missed each month. It is frustrating when appointments are not kept (without reason), as it means someone else has to wait longer than necessary.

We would appreciate a call if you are unable to keep an appointment.

If a patient arrives more than 10 minutes late for an appointment (without advanced notice) then we may ask them to re-book so that other patients (who have arrived on time) are not inconvenienced.

If you miss three appointments with a clinician, you will receive a letter from the Practice reminding you to cancel appointments that you know you will not be able to keep.