Cervical Screening

Cervical screening is a method of preventing cancer by detecting and treating early changes which, if left untreated, could lead to cancer of the cervix. The screening test is offered to all women aged 25-64 and is carried out by our practice nurse. You will receive a letter when your test is due. Women are invited every 3 years until the age of 50 then every 5 years until 64.

For further information visit www.cancerscreening.nhs.uk/cervical or www.jostrust.org.uk/information/videos.

Cervical Screening Awareness

Around a quarter of cervical cancers are diagnosed through cervical screening. If you’ve not had a cervical screening in the last three years and you’re eligible, why not book yours today?

Cervical cancer survival rates are higher the earlier cancer is diagnosed. If you’re suffering from symptoms like unusual bleeding, pain/discomfort during sex or in your pelvis or lower back, or unpleasant discharge, please book an appointment to see your GP. Find out more about cervical cancer symptoms here – www.nhs.uk/conditions/cervical-cancer/symptoms/.