Hay fever season

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When should you start taking hay fever tablets?

While hay fever tablets can be used for immediate symptom relief, they are also an effective pre-treatment. If you are a seasoned hay fever sufferer and know the time of year your symptoms kick in, start taking hay fever tablets early. “Taking hay fever tablets every day for one to two weeks before the season starts is ideal, although for some people this isn’t always easy to predict,” says Kelman.

This is because once your allergic reaction to pollen starts, it’s harder to stop. A chain reaction occurs where more inflammatory cells are sent to your nose where the pollen lodges, causing your symptoms to become more severe.

By starting antihistamines such as hay fever tablets a few weeks early, you can effectively block this reaction before it begins. For some people, this may prevent symptoms entirely. For others, it at least limits irritation and could help to prevent an asthma flare-up.

Peak pollen times

  • Tree pollen season – early to late spring (March to May).
  • Grass pollen season – late spring to late summer (May-July/August) – this is the most common pollen allergy.
  • Weed pollen season – late summer to early autumn (July to September).