Stay well in winter and cold weather

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Some people are more vulnerable in cold weather, and as winter rapidly approaches, we need to think about how we can stay well when it’s wintry. This might include vaccinations if you’re vulnerable, making sure the temperature is warm enough indoors and making sure you’re getting all the help that’s available.

The Met Office have some fantastic guidance on the things that might help us to stay well over the winter, including links to some of the available financial support you may be entitled to.…llbeing/top-tips-for-staying-well-this-winter

If you have elderly or vulnerable neighbours, can you check that they’re okay? From knocking on the door to see if they’re alright if you haven’t seen them doing their normal activities, to sparing the time for a cuppa if they’re alone for long periods, there are many things we can do to foster great communities and support our older population.

Age UK run day centres for older people. With planned activities, a hot meal at lunchtime and with many offering accessible transport, you may find that getting out of the house, with a little support, is just what you need to have an enjoyable day – especially if enjoy some company and a warm welcome.

Age UK run a variety of services to help and support older people. From transport to helping with small maintenance jobs around the home, Age UK can help across Great Britain. To find out more about the support Age UK offer, have a look at their local pages.